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School of Metaphysics

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(Classes available to everyone; Completion of all classes Required for Certification)
Advanced Spiritual Astrology*: Looking at the Astrological Chart as a whole including Planetary Patterns and Focal Points. This class will incorporate the Seven Ray influence into the astrological charts and a more Spiritual Study of Astrology and the Spiritual Influence and Potential indicated by your chart. *Prerequisite: Astrology II
Advanced Spiritual Numerology*: A deeper study of numbers and number symbolism as understood by the ancient metaphysicians to more perfectly perceive ourselves and how to live in harmony with Spirit. A look inward towards our own perfection and our individual interaction with the God Spark as indicated by your numbers. *Prerequisite: Numerology II 
Directed Study II*: (6 Credits) Students will select a specific area of study through discussion with their Mentor and the Director of the School of Metaphysics that will result is the production of a 15,000 word research paper. A monthly progress review will be conducted and the student will have one year to submit the report for approval. *Prerequisites: Directed Study I and Approval of Director of the School of Metaphysics
Esoteric Anatomy: A basic study of how the aspects of our esoteric anatomy interrelate with each other to promote health and well-being as well as advanced and spiritual development. Learn how our states of mind and consciousness can expand as the higher energies of the soul and Spirit blend and unify with our personal energies.
Esoteric Meditation: (Advanced Meditation Class) According to the Tibetan’s teachings meditation is the single most important way to spiritually advance. Learn about the five levels of meditation and discover which meditation technique is appropriate for you.
Metaphysical Ethics: The added responsibility of a Metaphysician as they learn the tools to manifest as a Co-creator with God. This class will cover the added karmic ramifications, both good and bad, that the Metaphysician faces with the use of these tools.
Qabalistic Pathworking*: (2 Credits) Combining the information from the Tarot and Qabalah class to build and work with your personal Tree of Life for spiritual unfoldment and growth. We will begin “Pathworking” and learning the true meaning of the word Qabalah—”To Receive from Spirit.” *Prerequisites: Hermetic Tarot and Basic Qabalah
Qabalistic Tarot*: An in depth study of the Minor Arcana, updating their planetary rulership and placement in the modern astrological chart and their place on the Tree of Life. This class will also study the Cube of Space and assignment of the Seven Rays to the Tree of Life. *Prerequisites: Astrology I, Qabalistic Pathworking and Seven Rays
Rays and Initiations*: (2 Credits) A study of our Spiritual Development, the path of Initiation and the effect of the Seven Rays on individuals and humanity as we walk the path of Discipleship under the direction of Hierarchy. *Prerequisite: Esoteric Pathwork
Spiritual Qigong: (2 Credits) Qigong is the spoken language of sacred truth, unconditional love which can only be known by EXPERIENCE, not by belief or thoughts. Speak “Qi” language by utilizing breathing techniques, body movements and contemplation to cultivate heart centered inner peace and well-being.
Metaphysical Research Writing: Students will learn the proper methods of researching and writing the research papers required for completion of Level II and Level III Directed Study requirements.
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(Information for those interested in becoming Certified)

  • Indiana Association of Spirituals (IAOS) member in good standing for two (2) years.
  • At least Two (2) full years of study after Completion of Level II.
  • 48 Credits (10 Spiritual Seeker credits, 10 Level I credits, 10 Level II credits, 18 Level III credits).
  • Hold a current IAOS Spiritual Metaphysical Level II Certificate of Completion.
  • Continued work with Metaphysical Mentor for a period at least two (2) years. This will include discussions of your Metaphysical Journal, Directed Study II (10,000 word) paper and general progress at least quarterly.
  • Public Services: Full Moon or other Metaphysical Ceremony prepared by the student with Staff Minister (working as their assistant). Purpose – To demonstrate the student’s ability to create and present an original esoteric ceremony, their understanding of the purpose of the service and their ability to work with the spiritual energies required for a successful service.
  • Pass a written comprehensive exam covering current Level III classes with a score of 80% or more.
  • Pass an oral exam demonstrating your ability to invoke and work with spiritual energies.
  • Recommendation of your Mentor or the Director of the School of Metaphysics.

REQUIREMENTS (for those testing for Certification)

ATTENTION STUDENTS PLANNING TO TEST FOR CERTIFICATION: All academic requirements must be completed before Intent to Test is submitted. Students planning to test for any level of certification or Ordination must advise the Dean of Education of their Intent to Test no later than one month prior to the Seminary in which the student plans to test. Application to test must be completed and testing fee paid during walk-in registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all are welcome. Classes, Workshops and Special Events all require registration. You can view all events in our Calendar and registration forms can be found on the event page or in the Downloads section. Do not be concerned if you see the term “Seminary” next to an event, anyone on a spiritual path of learning may attend those classes as well. Many events allow you to register on-line too.

The best place to start is to visit our Calendar; there you will find a listing of special weekends, week-long classes as well as Summer Series Workshops and other Special Events. Click on an event and you will be taken to the event page with all the details and registration information. You can also visit our Downloads page for registration forms. Most can register for most classes and workshop on-line.

Mediumship Development Classes are hands on classes taught by Certified Development Teachers with many years of experience. These classes are held in a small group setting. You must contact a Development Teacher of your choosing directly. Go here to view a listing of Mediumship Development Teachers.

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