An urgent message from the IAOS President

August 27, 2016


Dear Members and Friends of Camp Chesterfield,

What would you do if Camp were no longer here?

I asked this question to a group of students once.  They were surprised that I would ask, and one later said privately to me that it never occurred to her that Camp might not be present for her.

But what if Camp was gone?

This letter is an appeal to you.  Camp has recently suffered damage to 3 important buildings, and their repairs are urgent and immediate.  Without these buildings, Camp cannot provide seminary classes, events, or conduct normal affairs.  Camp needs your help with preservation now!

Maxon Fellowship Center

Maxon Fellowship CenterAfter a week of heavy rain, multiple leaks in the roof began to cause ceiling tiles to drop.  Most of the leaks were centered in the lighting fixtures making immediate repair critical!

The Maxon is important!  It is a place for gathering together for food, fellowship and fun.  It is a place where students and mediums gather to share stories, learn lessons and participate in psychic fairs.  It is an important centerpiece on the grounds, and the roof must be repaired or replaced, or we will be faced with shutting the building down.  Your help is urgent!


Would you consider a contribution gift of $50, $100,
$200 or more to help restore and preserve the Maxon? If so, please click here

The Tree of Life Books & Gift Store

A week of heavy rains have caused the roof to leak in multiple areas causing ceiling tiles to drop and water has penetrated the building.

The Tree of Life is important!  It is a place where students and visitors find books to increase knowledge, incense and sage to use for meditation, stones for healing and all manner of treasures to remind them of their visit to Camp.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, the Tree of Life is the place where our library is housed, and thousands of irreplaceable books could be lost forever!


Would you consider a contribution gift of $50, $100,
$200 or more to help restore and preserve the Tree of Life? If so, please click here

The Western Hotelshapeimage_4

This is one of our most historically significant buildings on Camp.  It is one of the significant buildings that contributed to our placement on the National Register of Historic Places.  The hotel is a place of gathering to meet new friends and reconnect with old.  It is a place of experience – where spirit roams the halls and students receive perhaps their first contact.  It is a place of story.  We all have a “when I first stayed at the Western . . . ” story.

Rains have devastated this building inside and out.  It must be preserved and your contribution will make this happen!  We envision that restoration of the hotel will be completed in three phases:




  • Replace porch roof
  • Repair/rebuild concrete canopy
Restore 4 water-damaged rooms:
  • Plaster and paint walls
  • Reglaze, caulk, derust and paint windows
  • Replace carpet
  • Upgrade bedding, restore old wood furniture items
  • Replace entire basement flooring to include dorms, kitchen area and lounge areas


This is a critical project to the preservation of this historic structure.  Your help is urgent and essential!

Would you consider a contribution gift of $50, $100,
$200 or more to help restore and preserve the Western Hotel? If so, please click here

Your gift can help preserve these essential buildings!  Click here to donate, or call the office with your credit card donation, or send your check or money order today!

We know you love Camp.
But it is still raining!

Please help preserve these historic buildings now!


Thank you in advance for all your donations for our essential buildings.  Every donation is tax deductible.

In Light and Love,

Rev. Vicki Corkell, President
Indiana Association of Spiritualists