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The Hett Art Gallery and Museum was dedicated in 1954. Its mission is the preservation and display of art and artifacts of the Modern Spiritualist Movement. Open to all visitors at the Hett Art Gallery and Museum is the Mother Cabrini Meditation Room. The Hett Gallery classrooms are utilized for lecture series and seminary classes focused on metaphysical and spiritual content. The facility houses in three main galleries the most extensive collection of its kind.____HETT_ART_GALLERY_AND_MUSEUM_Entrance____.html
A Spiritual Center of Light
Camp Chesterfield
Official Site for the Indiana Association of Spiritualists (IAOS), 
Chesterfield IN Founded 1886____HETT_ART_GALLERY_AND_MUSEUM_Entrance____.html

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Grant Project

Below please find the link to our new digitized art files from the Hett Art Gallery. Enjoy!

Camp Chesterfield - Hett Art Gallery and Museum Collection | University Library... read more