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Full Bed w/bath - One Person -

Full Bed w/bath - Two People -

2 Twin Beds w/bath - One Person -

2 Twin Beds w/bath - Two People -

Dorm Beds

Member $30.00

Non-member $34.50

Member $35.00

Non-member $40.25

Member $35.00

Non-member $40.25

Member $40.00

Non-member $46.00

Member $11.00

Non-member $13.00

(Rates at the Western Hotel are for one Night, tax not included in above rates)

All Rates Subject to Change without Notice

The Western Hotel is open all year and offers private baths in all rooms except the dorm facilities.

When making reservations please provide the following:

Name and phone number, type of accommodations you want, dates you are reserving the room(s) and approximate time of arrival.

All reservations require a 50% Deposit:

A refund will be made only if cancellation has been received at last seven (7) days prior to your arrival date.

The Trail of Religion
Hett Art & Museum
Maxon Cafeteria
Cathedral of the Woods
Garden of Prayer
Totem Pole
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Western Hotel

Psychic Fair

11AM - 3PM (10AM Sign up) -
First Saturday of each month

Join us for a mini reading & companionship with spiritual minded friends in the Maxon Fellowship Center. $15 for a 10 minute reading. (Events Subject to Change - Check Website or Twitter page for Updates)

For more information call 765-378-0235 or
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Built in 1914, it was described as a "new, modern hotel" with 70 rooms. In 1922, the Sunflower expanded with the addition of 40 rooms to keep pace with the expansion of Camp Chesterfield. The Hotel is not currently in use, but there are future plans for renovation.

Sunflower Hotel circa. 1920

The Sunflower Hotel

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