[Editor’s Note:  Original cost of Totem Pole:  $250.00 plus $65.10 for shipping and packaging.]

[Editor’s Note:  The majestic totem pole located on the serene grounds of Camp Chesterfield, spiritual home of the Indiana Association of Spiritualists, was originally commissioned in 1961 and formally placed and dedicated in 1962.  What originally began as a message from Spirit to a member and longtime Camp Chesterfield supporter, Rev. Bruno Cieslak, this project became a reality through his determination and steadfast resolve to make it a reality.  Below is an explanation in Rev. Cielsak’s own words he wrote in 1962.]

[Editor’s Note:  This is the original sketch by Chief Charles H. Dudoward.]

During my visit to Camp Chesterfield in the summer of 1961, I attended a séance at Mable Riffle’s home where both Mable Riffle and Mamie Shultz-Brown were the attending mediums.  During the séance I was asked by my Indian Guide, Tinkletoe, if I would make the effort to obtain a totem pole for Camp Chesterfield.  I immediately rose to the occasion and upon returning home [to Canada] began the process.

I first contacted, by mail, the Indian Affairs department of the Government of Canada and requested the name and address of an Indian who could make a totem pole.  A reply came shortly afterward and I began communicating with Chief Charles H. Dudoward.

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