Please make appointments directly with the Medium of your choice. It is advisable to make your appointments for readings PRIOR to arriving at Camp.

To e-mail Medium click on e-mail link under mediums name or Download Mediums List with e-mail

Rev. 3-01-10

Seek a Medium’s help at a time when you are relaxed and undisturbed. Put your mind at ease. RELAX.

Allow the Medium to proceed in his/her own manner. Don’t expect your first problem to be discussed at once. Have PATIENCE.

Don’t try to confuse the Medium. Let him/her know when he/she is correct. BE FAIR.

Skepticism, demanding proof, arguing or wanting things done a certain way only leads to failure. EXPECT GOOD.

Spirit often manifests by name, but evidence comes in many other ways as well; like descriptions, relationships, simple tests, etc. BE WILLING TO VERIFY.

Don’t be too quick to say no. Wait – you will soon understand.

The true value of a reading is not always measured by prophecy. Prediction is always possible, but you have the free will to make changes. GUIDANCE is the keynote.

Mediumship IS NOT fortune telling. A good reading will explain the philosophy of right living. EXPECT TRUTH.

Every Medium has his/her own unique way. It isn’t fair to compare the abilities of one Medium with another.

Don’t try to prolong a reading. The Medium realizes when spirit is gone.
Rev. 6-28-07
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Join us for a mini reading & companionship with spiritual minded friends in the Maxon Fellowship Center. $15 for a 10 minute reading. (Events Subject to Change - Check Website or Twitter page for Updates)

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Rev. Wilma Arnott
Clairvoyant, Healer, Development Teacher
200 Eastern Dr. / 765-378-7446
Map Code : 200E

Rev. Glenda Cadarette
Clairvoyant, Healer, Development Teacher, Trance, Reiki Master Teacher / e-mail
415 Eastern Dr. / 317-679-2110
Map Code :

Rev. Vicki Corkell
Clairvoyant, Development Teacher / e-mail
307 Western Dr. / 765-387-2024
Map Code : 307Wmailto:vcorkell@comcast.netshapeimage_21_link_0

Rev. Judith Davis-Fox
Clairvoyant, Healer, Development Teacher, Trance
214 Eastern Dr. / 765-378-5837
Map Code : 214E

Rev. Jane DeVore
Clairvoyant, Healer, Development Teacher
221 Eastern Dr. / 765-378-0844
Map Code : 221Emailto:janedevore@sbcglobal.netshapeimage_25_link_0

Rev. Stephen Dillon
Clairvoyant, Healer
213 Lincoln Dr. / 765-378-1078
Map Code : 213L

Julie Fioresi 
Clairvoyant, Healer, Development Teacher, Cartomancer 
414 Eastern Dr. / 765-378-1655
Map Code : 414E

Rev. Suzanne Greer
Clairvoyant, Healer, Tarot, Development Teacher, Trance, Direct Voice, Spirit Artist 
222 Parkview Dr. / 765-378-5119
Map Code : 222P

Rev. James Hafer
Clairvoyant, Development Teacher, Astrologer / e-mail
442 Valley View Dr. / 317-442-5704
Map Code : 442Vmailto:jj442hk@comcast.netshapeimage_33_link_0

Rev. Louise E. Irvine
Clairvoyant, Healer, Development Teacher, Trance, Direct Voice, Card Writing, Apports /  e-mail
402 Eastern Dr. / 765-378-7075
Map Code : 402Emailto:revl.irvine@comcast.netshapeimage_35_link_0

Rev. Wahna L. Irvine
Clairvoyant, Healer, Development Teacher, Trance, Reiki Master Teacher, Reflexologist, Spirit Artist / e-mail
402 Eastern Dr. / 765-378-7075
Map Code : 402Emailto:revwahna@comcast.netshapeimage_37_link_0

Rev. Nancy Joseph
Clairvoyant, Development Teacher, Astrologer, Palmist, Runes / e-mail
218 Parkview Dr. / 765-378-0689
Map Code : 218Pmailto:kats12@comcast.netshapeimage_39_link_0

Jeremy Kaylor
Clairvoyant / e-mail
442 Valley View Dr. / 317-525-0875
Map Code : 442Vmailto:jj442hk@comcast.netshapeimage_41_link_0

Rev. Patricia J. Kennedy
Clairvoyant, Development Teacher, Direct Voice, Numerologist 
322 Parkview Dr. / 765-425-4227
Map Code : 322P

Rev. Timothy Millard
Clairvoyant, Development Teacher /
436 Valley View Dr. / 765-378-1488
Map Code : 436Vmailto:timothymillard@comcast.netshapeimage_45_link_0

Rev. Lynda Richey
Clairvoyant, Development Teacher, Trance
313 Western Dr. / 765-378-0098
Map Code : 313Wmailto:lynda710@aol.comshapeimage_47_link_0

Rev. Terry Ryan
Clairvoyant, Development Teacher, Trance
410 Eastern Dr. / 248-417-3620
Map Code : 410Emailto:ryantpatrick@aol.comshapeimage_49_link_0

Rev. A. Win Srogi
Clairvoyant, Astrologer, Development Teacher, Qabalistic Tarot /  e-mail
225 Western Dr. / 765-378-5588
Map Code : 225Wmailto:win1227@comcast.netshapeimage_51_link_0

Rev. Mary Lynn Crawford
Clairvoyant, Development Teacher / e-mail
225 Eastern Dr. / 513-295-9346
Map Code :

Normandi Ellis
Clairvoyant / e-mail
318 Eastern Dr. / 765-606-7119
Map Code :

Rev. Mary Beth Hattaway
Clairvoyant, Healer / e-mail
311 Western Drive / 765-635-7047
Map Code :

Connie Linderman
Clairvoyant / e-mail
307 Western Dr. / 765-387-0260
Map Code :

Steven E. Adams
Clairvoyant, Healer / e-mail
313 Eastern Dr. / 225-921-6690
Map Code :

Rev. Dr. Marilyn Rossner
Clairvoyant, Trance, Development Teacher 
411 Eastern Dr. / 514-935-3287
Map Code : 411E
Resident Guest Mediums

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