Please make your selection from the lists posted of the item you would like to donate. 

You can bring in the item or donate money to cover the cost of the item.  Deliver the item to the WELCOME CENTER.

If you want to have a leaf placed on the Fundraising Tree, stop by the WELCOME CENTER and complete the simple form and keep one copy for your taxes:

Admin Building

paper towels
toilet paper
ink pens
color copy paper
trash bags
paper clips
notebook paper (3 hole punch)
Post-it notes (small and regular size)
paper cutter (large enough to cut 11” paper)
package of computer CD’s 
blank audio cassette tapes
three ring binders
manila and color file folders (letter size)
Maxon Fellowship Center

paper towels
toilet paper
styrofoam cups and take-out containers
floor mat for front foyer
rubber floor mats for kitchen
coat rack for eating area
white terry cleaning towels
large mixer
Tree of Life

paper towels
toilet paper
roll towels for dispenser
box soap for restroom
styrofoam cups
black fine point gel ink pens

Tree of Life office equipment:
computer system (contact office for details)
Western Hotel

bath mats
small desk lamps
paper towels
toilet paper
roll towels for dispenser
box soap for restroom
small soap bars for showers
yellow bug lights
angle brooms (nylon)
energy efficient 60 watt replaceable light bulbs
A Brief History of Camp Chesterfield
Vintage Photographs
Mission Statement
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Psychic Fair

11AM - 3PM (10AM Sign up) -
First Saturday of each month

Join us for a mini reading & companionship with spiritual minded friends in the Maxon Fellowship Center. $15 for a 10 minute reading. (Events Subject to Change - Check Website or Twitter page for Updates)

For more information call 765-378-0235 or
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