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The goal of the Education Committee is to provide our students with the best academic and practical Spiritualist training available. Sometimes it seems reaching this goal is a challenge because the bar of excellence is set higher and higher each year. But each year we find ourselves rising to the challenge and reaching our goal because of the commitment and dedication of some amazing educators and administrators. There is, indeed, much to celebrate this year!

The Dorsch-Kuiper Scholarship is making its inaugural appearance in 2011. This is an academic scholarship available to students who are actively participating in the Ordination program of the Chesterfield Spiritualist Seminary. Students who have attained the certification of Associate Minister or who have successfully completed at least five classes toward Associate Minister certification through the IAOS are eligible to apply for the scholarship. One scholarship will be awarded annually with the first award given in 2011. Complete details and application packet are available upon request.

A new addition to our certification requirements is also being introduced in 2011. As a minister in the Spiritualist church, it is important to perform service to others, not only in our churches but in our communities as well. With that in mind, the addition of performing community service has been added as a requirement for Associate Minister certification and Ordination. This community service requirement is considered to be practical experience along with the current requisite of serving churches by delivering sermons and giving messages. The Committee and Board of Trustees feels this is a worthwhile and meaningful requirement as we continue to improve our ministerial program and help our students become well-rounded ministers. Information about community service is available upon request and is also listed in this book.

The Education Committee and ARC staff are looking forward to an energetic 2011 filled with enthusiastic and dedicated students and teachers. Remember, just as the pursuit of enlightenment can be arduous and serious it can also be fun and exciting!

Your Education Committee, 
Rev. Lynda Richey, Dean of Education
Rev. A. Win Srogi, Director of the School of Metaphysics
Rev. Jane DeVore, Dean of Students
Rev. Wahna Irvine, Director of Healing
Rev. Louise Irvine, Senior Consultant
Rev. Todd J. Leonard, Consultant
Rev. Al Florey, Consultant

From the Dean of Education and the Education Committee

This past year has been very busy and productive for the Education Committee. Keeping Camp Chesterfield at the forefront of Spiritualist education and offering our students a well-rounded curriculum and practical experience is at the top of our priority list. We are always entertaining and exploring ways to enhance the student’s experience. With that said, the Committee is proud to announce the inception of two new programs in 2011.

We would like to thank the Board of Trustees for the support and encouragement shown to the Committee for our new 2011 programs.	The Committee’s proposals have been met with thoughtfulness and enthusiasm and because the board recognized the benefit and soundness of the plans, we are able to introduce these two new programs.

I would like to personally thank each member of the Education Committee for their dedication and commitment to the advancement of our academic program. The members of the Education Committee are: Rev. Jane DeVore, Rev. Al Florey, Rev. Louise Irvine, Rev. Wahna Irvine, Rev. Todd Leonard, and Rev. A. Win Srogi.

Dorsch – Kuiper Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible by a generous gift from the Revs. Betty Dorsch and Sandy Kuiper in memory of Rev. Sandy’s beloved son, Vincent.

This academic scholarship is available to all students who:
Are members in good standing in the IAOS for at least two years prior to the scholarship application.
Are actively participating in the Ordination program of the Chesterfield Spiritualist Seminary.
Have attained the certification of Associate Minister or have successfully completed at least five classes toward Associate Minister certification through the IAOS.

The scholarship award will be the decision of the Education Committee.

The maximum scholarship award per student is $450 and must be used within two years of the receipt of the award. This scholarship will be administered as credit for classes; it is not a cash award. The scholarship award will be used only to complete the classes required for Ordination.

The application process is strictly confidential and will include the completion of the application form, a written essay outlining the student’s desire for the scholarship, three personal/professional letters of recommendation and an interview by representatives of the Education Committee.

One scholarship will be awarded annually with the first award given in 2011.

The Dorsch-Kuiper Scholarship application is available to any qualified student upon written request to the Dean of Education, Chesterfield Spiritualist Seminary, 50 Lincoln Drive, Chesterfield, IN 46017.

Scholarship applications for the 2011 award will be accepted until April 1, 2011. The recipient of the 2011 Dorsch-Kuiper Scholarship will be announced and awarded at the 2011 Summer Season Opening in June.

Community Service Requirement

This new requirement will be implemented in 2011.

Students receiving
Medium Missionary certification or Associate Minister certification in 2011 will need to complete the community service hours to attain Associate Minister certification or Ordination. Students who received their Medium Missionary certification prior to 2011 are not required to meet the community service requirement for their Associate Minister certification, but it will be required for Ordination. The community service hours are not required for students who received their Associate Minister certification prior to 2011 and who are currently pursing Ordination.

Students will select an area of service in which they would like to involve themselves and write a proposal explaining to the Education Committee exactly why they selected this area, how they plan to fulfill the service to the community and how many hours they expect to serve while fulfilling this requirement. It’s up to the student to be creative in finding an area that not only helps the community, but also allows him to really use his own talents to their fullest.

The requirements are: 
Associate Minister – 40 hours with up to 10 hours at Camp Chesterfield
Ordination – 55 hours with up to 15 hours at Camp Chesterfield

Some of the service at Camp will include but won’t be limited to helping in the library and/or art gallery, assisting with the lyceum, helping our disabled/ senior residents with their special needs, visiting our senior/ill residents, writing and addressing healing cards.
Welcome to the Chesterfield
Spiritualist Seminary
and School of Metaphysics!
Required Classes
Core Required Classes
Spiritual Healing Required...
Medium Missionary Required...
Associate Minister Required...
Ordination Required Classes
School of Metaphysics
School of Metaphysics ClassesTuition.htmlRequired_Classes.htmlCore_Required_Classes_%28C%29.htmlSpiritual_Healing_Required_Classes_%28H%29.htmlMedium_Missionary_Required_Classes_%28M%29.htmlAssociate_Minister_Required_Classes_%28A%29.htmlOrdination_Required_Classes_%28O%29.htmlSchool_of_Metaphysics.htmlSchool_of_Metaphysics_Classes.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5shapeimage_4_link_6shapeimage_4_link_7shapeimage_4_link_8
Your curriculum includes more than class work. Student are expected to serve church at student healing and worship services during week-long seminaries.

All students and faculty are required to attend the 6:30 PM student worship services during week-long seminaries. Students planning to test for certification must serve in the student services during seminary. Appropriate attire is required when serving church: ankle length dress or skirt for women and suit, dress shirt and tie for men. Students must attend at least one week-long seminary before each certification.

All ordination candidates are to wear white or ivory for the consecration service. Ordination candidates may wear a minister’s robe, if desired. Women receiving certifications other than ordination are to wear pastel, ankle length dresses. Men receiving certifications other than ordination are to wear a suit, dress shirt and tie. Contact the Dean if you have any questions.

For your convenience, seminary registration forms are available at the Administration Office (765) 378-0235, or may be downloaded from our website.Downloads.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0

PLANNING YOUR SCHEDULE: The Academic staff will approve all schedules.  Students are required to attend all sessions of each class to receive credit.

TO ALL STUDENTS: Be sure to bring comfortable clothes and shoes and be prepared for inclement weather. No shorts, halter tops, mini dresses or other inappropriate clothing is allowed in classrooms or church. Don’t forget to bring a notebook, pens, pencils, and appropriate study materials.

ATTENTION CANADIAN STUDENTS: Personal checks and Traveler’s Checks must specify “U.S. Funds” to be cashed in the States.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS: A 50% deposit is required for reservations. Cancellations are required at least seven (7) days prior to your reservation date to receive a full refund.  Food supplies are not permitted in the hotel rooms or dormitories.

Call the Western Hotel: (765)378-0237 for reservations.Western_Hotel.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0
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