Historic Camp Chesterfield is a place of peace and serenity nestled near the crossroads of the Midwest. Your gateway to the enlightenment of Spiritualism.

The present stone entrance and gate house replaced the old as Camp Chesterfield grew in stature in the twenty-first century.


In the early fall of 1886 Dr. J.W. Westerfield called the first meeting of the Indiana Association of Spiritualists. The top picture is one of the earliest pictures of the IAOS members & mediums. While not everyone in the picture can be identified the following individuals are known. Pictured in the back row (left to right): second person-John Cunningham & fourth person-Henry Bronnenburg / front row (left to right): first person-J.V. Winkoop, third person-Dr. J.W. Westerfield, fourth person-Emily Bronnenburg & fifth person-W.C. Jessup. It is quite probable that Dr. George Hilligoss, the IAOS’ first president & Dr. L.M. Blackledge, the IAOS’ third president are also pictured.

Now, 125 years later the bottom picture shows the current resident mediums of the IAOS. Pictured in the back row (left to right): Rev. Terry Ryan, Jeremy Kaylor, Rev. Timothy Millard, Rev. Judith Davis-Fox, Rev. Suzanne Greer, Rev. A. Win Srogi & Rev. Louise Irvine / middle row (left to right): Rev. Patricia Kennedy, Julie Fioresi, Rev. Candace Smith, Rev. Elaine Clark, Rev. Nancy Joseph, Rev. Wahna Irvine & Rev. Glenda Cadarette / front row (left to right): Rev. James Hafer, Rev. Vicki Corkell, Rev. Lynda Richey, Rev. Sarah Brown & Rev. John Hudson / not pictured: Rev. Wilma Arnott, Rev. Jane DeVore, Rev. Stephen Dillon & Fran Richardson

A Brief History of Camp Chesterfield
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Psychic Fair

11AM - 3PM (10AM Sign up) -
First Saturday of each month

Join us for a mini reading & companionship with spiritual minded friends in the Maxon Fellowship Center. $15 for a 10 minute reading. (Events Subject to Change - Check Website or Twitter page for Updates)

For more information call 765-378-0235 or
Check our Website, Visit our Twitter and Facebook !!http://twitter.com/cmpchesterfieldhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Chesterfield/178325242204434shapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1


Rev. Vicki Corkell    President

Rev. James Hafer    Vice-President

Rev. Jane DeVore    Secretary

Rev. A. Win Srogi    Treasurer

Rev. Mary Lynn Crawford    Trustee

Rev. Suzanne Greer    Trustee

Rev. Wahna L. Irvine    Trustee

Rev. Nancy Joseph    Trustee

Connie Linderman    Trustee

Rev. Timothy Millard    Trustee

Angela Jackson    Trustee

Sharon Kenton    Trustee

Contact the Board by email or by phone at 765-378-0235.

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